Yes! I am an artist.
That can be a tough phrase to own and to say sometimes.
I used to tend to deny it, like oh no, no! I’m a “designer”, like being an “artist” is somehow lesser or a set up to flake out in some way.
But recently I’ve claimed it.

What do you do?
I’m an artist.

Describing exactly *what* I do is a whole ’nother thing tho, because I do a lot of different stuff. And it’s all art but in different ways. Lettering, designing, sewing, quilting, painting, drawing, illustrating, designing, writing, it’s all art.

When people ask me, I will tell them, yes I am an artist.
I love making art, I love sharing it, and I love admiring & supporting other artists and what they do.

Claim it. Own it. Make art.

Now up on Society6 on mugs & more, and Spoonflower as tea towels/panels – find direct links here:
Coming to the rest of my shops over the weekend!

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