A new Work From Home Happy tip- Drink. More. Water.

I am sometimes good at this, sometimes not. Why’s it so hard to remember? lol.

Do you drink your water every day?
I know if I don’t drink enough, I feel like total crap. I haven’t been as good at it lately, I just keep forgetting!

I heard a good way to figure out what’s right for you- take your body weight in pounds/lbs, and whatever that number is, divide it in half. That is the amount in ounces of water you should have each day. So as an easy math example- because I suck at math lol- say your weight was 200lbs, you’d need to drink 100oz. of water every day.

This has an extra good side effect, because if you work sitting at the computer or at a desk all dang day like I do, you have to get up to go pee. Like a million times. So your circulation gets going again. And your apple watch won’t keep yelling at you to stand up! Stand up!
Plus water keeps your system regular and just makes ya feel better in general.

If you don’t like it plain or want to mix it up a bit, try adding a slice of lemon or cucumber, or chunks of fruit.
I personally don’t like ice cold water, it actually upsets my innards, so I do mine warm.
& choose tap water & avoid bottled, if possible.

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