This could be a Work from home happy, in a sassy-pants kind of way.
You already know I make artwork with swear words. Some people love it, some really hate it. There seems to be no middle ground.
Some even seem to think I’ve lost my marbles, which is hilarious, more like I finally let them out to roll!

The inspiration that started the whole “thing” was a really rotten client who was abusive, didn’t respect my time (sometimes calling at 9pm at night to make demands or very early in the morning, & if I didn’t answer they kept calling & emailing), and didn’t ever return the favour when it was time to pay their bill. I usually just had to stop work and ignore them until they paid up, which was every.single.invoice. I tried incentives, discounts if they paid on time, nothing worked. (I eventually fired them, nicely, which unleashed a week– no joke- of constant texting, calling, emailing, back to back- my cel would ring, then my landline would ring, then a text, then an email, repeat repeat repeat (seriously weird shit) from 8am thru the entire day to about 5pm)
(This also occurred around the time when I was discovering my f*mily of origin was not for me anymore so was becoming more aware of just how abusive and narcissistic this client was being- makes me feel physically ill now knowing the behaviour I let them get away with, but that’s another story).

I was lucky enough that their office was too far away for them to just show up at my door, thank goodness. But I was like- oh maude, what if they did show up? They were within driving distance if they really wanted to jump me. Gah!
I’m not the type to freak out on anybody, so perhaps if I had a pretty little mug on my desk- oooh what a pretty mug, oh wait, what does it say?

And so, the swear word thing.
I think it’s just funny, and have found a little niche that does too.
And I think it’s sooo funny when other people dig it, and laugh and share funny photos of their sweary things because of it. And that’s it.
No dark intentions or weird or crazy anything behind it. Just for fun. And with maybe some empowering truth and intention.

And any toxic anyone, no matter who they are, who tries to get into my world, my head, my work, my business, now? Can kindly…

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