*That’s dog speak for, “Look what our mama made for us!”

When I got my copy of The Spoonflower Quick Sew Project Book, by Anda Corrie, I spotted this super cute Dog Bandanna project and knew our two fur kids would love them.

I started by designing a Halloween print for them with spooooooky dog and cat skeletons and pumpkins.

You can find this design in my Spoonflower shop right here.

This pattern is seriously quick and easy to make. I have a feeling our dogs are going to want an entire seasonal wardrobe, just sayin’.

I enlarged the template in the book by the recommended 135% for Starr’s bandanna and it worked perfectly for her small size.

Where’s my cookie?

For Charlie’s, I enlarged it by about 150%.

Did you say we get a cookie for this?

The pattern is super easy to stitch up, just one piece cut on the fold, and you can get 1-2 bandannas from one fat quarter of fabric, depending on the finished size you need.

Ok I’m getting serious now, where is my cookie?

The bandanna slips onto their collar with a clever built-in casing, so it’s easy to put on, and take off to wash. And of course to switch out for each season!

If I smile, do I get my cookie?

I have a feeling I’ll be making some Christmas-y bandannas next, seeing how much they enjoy wearing them! (And, as an added bonus, if you flip them around to their back neck, they become super dog capes! Charlie quite enjoys wearing his that way!)

And yes, they both got their yummy cookies as a reward for posing so nicely!

If you want to nab a copy of the book, head over to Spoonflower and find it right here!
It’s loaded with fun and quick projects to make for gifts or for yourself.  Heck, the book itself would be a nice gift for any sewist on your list!

Happy Halloween and happy Sewing!

Bark bark woof bark!