Wow what!? What a way to start the day!


My awesome friend and fellow designer Vo messaged me this morning to say congrats for winning this week’s Spoonflower design contest– I had slept in, fighting this dang cold that won’t go away- and I was like what the what?


What a total honour, seriously. Wow. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who takes the time to vote for their favorite designs, and who chose mine as a favorite! How exciting! It’s a total honour to be recognized by the community, and being a long-time member of Spoonflower, it really means a lot. Like a lot. Thank you so much.

I just sent in the vector artwork files so the team at Spoonflower and House of Swank can work their magic, I can’t wait to see what they come up with as the final tshirt print.

Go check out all the top ten and all of the designs here, there are a ton of awesome ones to choose from!


And if you’re up for another vote, you can find the next contest ready for voting, “Snow Day” here!

With much love and massive gratitude,