Some new things going on over here, behind the scenes of regular work hour time, which lately has been really REALLY busy! Work hours are extending longer and longer every day, and I’m loving it and so grateful for all of the fun projects, (and income!), coming in. It also means that my other non-work/client projects kind of get bumped more often than not, but I’m really making an effort to schedule time every day to work on them, as they have deadlines that must be met too! It’s a bit of a balancing act sometimes, a bit of negotiating- mostly with myself!, a bit of creative time allotment, but it somehow all gets done and done on time which is very important to me, and my clients. And as a bonus, I find that in general my work clients are very excited and supportive and love hearing about what I’m doing outside of work so it makes it all the more fun when I can share with them as well. Here’s what I’ve been doing when I can pry myself away from the computer…

1. A quilt I am working on for Janome Canada– some sneak peeks at a couple of the blocks done in yummy Robert Kaufman Kona colours! I’m particularly fond of Pickle these days, it’s a lovely modern green (I used it in the below block, the large chunk in the centre circle, on the right side/top.)

block peek

The block backgrounds are Robert Kaufman Essex  yarn-dyed linen, I just love this stuff and can’t get enough of it!


Starr had to help of course!

This quilt is tying in to another big project with Janome coming up, stay tuned for more info to come!

The quilt itself is my own design, using my version of English Paper Piecing done wonky style. It’s very time-consuming, as EPP usually is, but I think it’s worth the effort! I can’t wait to share the entire quilt- soon, very soon! And there will be a pattern coming soon-ish too, wink!

2. Another little project I am participating in is Papergirl Art.   I’d seen this project around online before but always missed the submission deadline- this year I remembered to look into it early enough and am making two pieces to submit.


WIP’s on scrap chunks of raw canvas, painted with acrylics.

If you haven’t heard of this project before, people can submit art, in whatever form they create as long as it’s roll-up-able. The PaperGirl team then rolls pieces up into bundles then heads out on bikes around the city to distribute them to random people about town. It’s so much fun! So two of my little paintings will be out there, who knows where they will end up! These will be going in the mail on Monday, so much fun!

3. Another tick off the to-do/goals/make it happen list that I’ve had on my list literally for years, I submitted a proposal to our local gallery arts council for a show. I won’t hear anything either way until October, but fingers crossed they like it, like my work, and accept it for my very own art show! How much fun would that be!

4. Some new painting commissions are waiting in the wings to get started on, 3, but maybe 4, pieces. So exciting and I can’t wait to bring them to life. I’ll share more about them as soon as I have something to share!

What’s new and exciting in your world, I’d love to hear!