You guys, if you haven’t heard of Spoonflower yet, get on over there and check it out! Spoonflower is an online digital fabric printing service- and they also print wallpaper and giftwrap too!- where you can design, upload, order, and print your own designs, and also shop thru thousands of talented designer’s portfolios, it’s a wonderful resource and service. I kinda got my official “start” there in the fabric design world by building up my design portfolio and entering their weekly contests every single week for about 2 years. One super awesome and amazingly lucky day I got an email from my now fabric peeps at Robert Kaufman, asking about licensing some of my designs, an the rest is history!

I still use Spoonflower a lot for printing and enter contests when I can, it’s so much fun. When you print designs at Spoonflower, it’s a requirement to purchase a print proof for each one in order to them available for sale in your Spoonflower Shop. (Here’s a link to my shop, just because…!)

The smart Spoonflower folks set up a way to quickly proof several designs as a Swatch Sampler for a lower price than if you ordered them all separately. You get a big chunk of fabric with all your 8” swatches all together, it’s a great way to proof your designs if you have lots to do all at once.

But then what the heck do you do with them all? I have stacks of swatches waiting to be used and can’t sew quilts fast enough to use them all up. I don’t really need another zippy pouch, and was drawing a blank as to what do with them all.

I had a look thru the Spoonflower group on Flickr   and they have a thread FULL of great ideas to use your 8” swatches, everything from pouches, baby toys, to special patch pockets, and everything in between.

I had a few new Mid-Century and retro-inspired Christmas designs I had just uploaded and thought they would stitch up nicely into cute hot matts to use on your Christmas table or even give as holiday hostess or teacher gifts.


Top left: So Merry! >link<
Top Right: Cheers!  >link< 
Bottom Left: Christmas Dresses >link<
Bottom Right: Home for the Holidays >link< 

To make them is pretty simple, you just need:

– an 8” square swatch of fabric of your choice for the top
– a 9” square of regular quilt batting
– a 9” square of heat resistant batting
– a 9-10” square of backing fabric
– one strip of binding, your preferred binding width by WOF (width of fabric)

Plus, any additional trims or fabric for a special flange trim, have fun and embellish!


Start by making a quilt sandwich layering your top fabric, heat resistant batting, regular batting, and backing fabric, then quilt all the layers together as desired.
Note that due the thick layers, the matt will shrink a bit in size once it’s quilted.


Trim and square up the matt, add your trims, if desired, and binding, a hanging loop on the back if you wish, and ta-da!

hot matts

A fun, funky, and fast happy touch for your table or gifties for special foodies on your list!

You could also skip the heat resistant batting and make funky cocktail coasters for your holiday party, Martini matt anyone? Wink!