Welcome to my new website! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve had quite a few big changes recently, the biggest one was moving to beautiful Vancouver Island this past September. It was a very serendipitous move, everything went really quickly and really well. Hubby and I keep pinching ourselves, this place is rather magical and we feel very grateful to live here.

Once we got here, we  hired a fabulous contractor and dove into home renos- omg- and got the old dark garage converted to a beautiful new studio and office space, where I now spend the majority of my days working, painting, illustrating, and sometimes chair dancing with the dogs, heehee!

Shortly after that was finished, like literally the day they finally were done and packed up and gave the all clear to move my art stuff in, and it was also Christmas Eve!- I landed in the hospital with discitis- a painful infection in a disc in my spine. Holy wow, don’t want to ever experience that again! It took a couple months of home IV hefty antibiotics and rest- which is very hard for me!- but I finally feel back to my usual self and have gotten back into the swing of things, back to daily walks, yoga, and caught up again with work and all the fun creative projects I’ve had brewing away.

So the latest on my list was to tackle updating this site, finally got a break in the action to jump on it! I’ll be adding a monthly newsletter to the mix shortly, if you’d like to sign up, follow this link (or thru the link on the homepage), to get a few weird and wonderful things in your inbox, meet some favorite people,  learn some art hacks, and whatever happy things I come across that you might to hear about too!

I have some fun projects coming up I’d love to share with you, including a children’s book I had the great honour of illustrating! So watch this space and the new & improved newsletter for more, and thanks for stopping by! It was nice to see you! And gosh you’re looking good!

With much love and gratitude as always!



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