I’m glad you found me over here in my new online home! It’s still being added to and fine-tuned but overall, ta-da!

I’ve been reflowing my business and everything I do from the ground up. It’s been a pretty interesting time in researching, re-discovering and re-thinking absolutely everything I do and how I do it. I was feeling kind of left behind and not sure where to start or even re-start. I’m trying to take a whole new approach and do a 180 on everything I do and have been researching and learning a lot the past while. Time for some major upgrades around here!

The biggest reason for the big switch up is that I was finding that a lot of people, even those who know me pretty well, didn’t really know what I do, or, don’t know about all the other stuff I do. So I figured it was time to start sharing a lot more about everything I love to do, and keeping it all under one online “roof”, rather than two, and, importantly now under my name (rather than a separate company name and a separate blog name), helps keep it all straight- at least I hope it will!

I’ll be sharing new projects in all the media I work in, designwork that I do for my fab clients (will you be one of them?), painting, sewing & quilting, new patterns and projects, fabric designs and collections, and so much more- my head is exploding with all the ideas! Stay tuned for more coming up  as we speak and thanks for stopping by!

As always you can also find me on Instagram here, I’d love to see you over there and check out what you’re up to too!