Busy weekend this weekend, getting caught up on art, finishing a very special commission, (I will post this soon, just need a non-rainy day to get a photo before it’s sent to it’s owner) and starting another (it’s going to be fun!), and planning some new pieces and items for my mini show in the tea room at the Mission Arts Council Gallery in March/April.

This is a prototype/test of my idea for some items to sell, and it worked! So I’ll be making more of these pouches in different sizes/styles/colours, and some other goodies like tote bags, as well as smaller paintings to sell there, and on Instagram- I’m thinking these will part of my 100 paintings in 100-ish days challenge, since they are paintings too!

I’ve also been working on more new designs for my Society 6 shop. Now I know that swears aren’t everyone’s taste, and that is ok! I get it. Really. It’s all for fun, and no offense intended.  I don’t even really swear that much myself, I just think they’re kinda funny when used in certain contexts, surrounded with pink girlie flowers of course!
If you do like ’em, head over to my shop and check them out. And even better, today thru tomorrow, January 28-29, 2018, there’s a great sale on,  get 25% off with promo code ARTLOVE. 

I’ll be working on some Valentine-y designs tomorrow, and watch for a sale coming up on those mid-week! wink!

And I’m continuing with my lettering challenge! I skipped yesterday as I wasn’t feeling the quote, but here is the day before’s, which I just love:

Uncovering my power has been my thing for the past while. It’s a journey and learning to just let go of old junk that’s not serving you, which then uncovers your power. The less crap you have to carry around, the more power you have to use for good things for you. It is there, trust me!

And so, on to more lettering, and art-ing, more coming up soon!