Do you ever have those days when nothing is cooperating with you, your computer goes haywire, your phone battery dies, you can’t find things you knew you left right on your desk…

Yesterday was one of those. My work computer, which I am generally attached to all day, decided on Monday that it was going to be reallllllly…. sloooooowwww… making working on it super frustrating. After fighting with it all week I was ready to take a hammer to it. Norm got the system diagnostics running, a very slow process, and we headed out to run errands, and visit a couple of thrifts.

Thrifts are so hit and miss, but I found a few little, and priced at a steal, goodies!

pyrex and peanuts

This cute little Pyrex casserole, and 1962 Peanuts book, total $3. I was a big Peanuts fan as a kid so had to have this cute little book of Happiness is… quotes.

evil eye

This awesome -vintage? not sure?- brooch- an “evil eye”, or that’s how I see it. I nabbed it, and for only $1.50 no less, a good investment to bring some extra good juju and ward off those evil vibes and bad energy, I’ll wear it proudly!


And this sweet little set, which was only $1.50 or so for both, no brainer!

When we got home, I finished up this little piece:

loved girl

Which is going to be part of a series and a “test” subject for another project I have had brewing in my brain for a while. I will have prints of her, and some more  along the same lines, coming up very soon.

So in the end, despite an uncooperative computer, I got stuff done and had a bit of a mid-week inspo and creative break, turning a frustrating day into a happy one. Sometimes a change of environment or task, is the task at hand. And I feel grateful that I can simply walk away for a while and change direction, and not have to fight with an hornery piece of equipment, been there done that, won’t do it again.

Note to self- do more of this in future! ;D