I have a new design in my Society 6 shop for Anti-Bullying/Pink Shirt Day this year!

This cause is pretty close to me. I was bullied terribly, not only as a kid and teen, but as an adult. Sometimes by people I never ever would have expected. It’s a super crappy and often inexplicable thing to have to deal with. It’s often met with disbelief, blame, deflecting, or brushed off as not important or serious. But, it’s a real thing, and I am so glad it’s being brought to the forefront and kids (and everyone) have better resources and understanding to deal with it. Through everything I’ve gone through, including some events which were really, really hurtful, cruel, and hard to explain or even process and understand, I’ve always turned to art to help me heal and grow. Sometimes you just have to move on, protect yourself, and keep your heart strong.

And so, I’d like to share this design with you!

I designed it like a tattoo, a strong heart burning and radiating with love and passion, and some dotty “sparkles” and stars in there for good measure!

Strong Heart tshirt

Strong Heart Mug

Art Prints

And even fun new bath mats!

I have this design available on all kinds of cool products over at Society 6, so you can choose which one(s) you like to show off your strong heart!

With much love and gratitude,