A new lettering challenge piece I created for the daily prompts from Holly Pixels. The one for yesterday I just wasn’t getting into, so I went back to the list to some I had missed and chose this one.

My new favorite thing, aka my iPad, and me are getting along like wildfire. Procreate is SO much fun, it’s so liberating that I can take my ipad and go sit somewhere else other than the freezing cold basement office, and create.

This phrase I love and it really speaks to me. Over the past year I’ve really done  a lot of work around, well, everything, in my life. A bunch of super toxic stuff happened, and I realized that it’s nothing to do with me or anything I ever did, but rather the people doing the accusing, blaming, shaming, and denying, and their reflections, or projections, of themselves. And in realizing that, I started delving in to who I really am as opposed to who I was trying to be to them and to others. And I realized that they don’t know the real me, and never did, and don’t want to. And that isn’t good enough anymore, if it ever was. I finally see.

I was stuck playing small and not letting the real me out. Hiding away my true self to try to fit in and not rock the boat.  And I can’t do that anymore.

So I made some big changes. I am letting the real me come out to play. I’m speaking the truth, not just “my” truth, but *the* truth. I am re-telling my story. I’m finding gratitude where there was once pain and shame. I won’t try to fit in where I can see and feel that I’m not wanted.  I won’t try to be in with people who don’t want me around or who use me as a doormat or a scapegoat. No thanks. I’ve got a few favorite peeps who have stood by me unwaveringly, and stood up for me, and they are my core, my friends, and my familiars.  I’ll put out my true vibes and my tribe will continue to come along when they’re ready.

In all this, I’ve discovered- or maybe what is better put as “admitted”, what I really like as far as my actual work that I produce goes. It all ties together. Right down to things like the style of my sewing and quilting. I finally can see I’m not a truly pure “modern” quilter , but rather I have an eclectic style and love a mishmash of genres that I’m going to start expanding on. I love bling. Glitter. Sequins. Gems. I love love love metallic prints on fabric! I love scraps and vintage fabrics and mixing in all kinds of different fabrics into one quilt. And dammit, I even love some batik fabrics. I love and marvel at modern quilts but they’re not my jam so much as far as making them myself.  I always felt like I was fighting against that aesthetic and trying to create something I’m not. And that’s ok! Really!

My art is an extension of that. Bring on the colour. Twirly swirly lettering and mega details, sparkles, and metallics. Detail and hidden messages and words that have meaning. Scritchy scratchy lines and texture. Working in magical and whimsical details that only those who can see, will find them. Love it. Love it.

No more trying to be “cool”, whatever that is, or samey-same or speaking lingo that I don’t like or believe. No more trying to appease people or try to belong where I don’t. I belong right here, as I am.

I’m focussing on what I love to do. And am finding that others love it too. And I love that! And I’m grateful.

So watch here for more colourful art and goodness to come. I’ve added this quote to my Society 6 shop too, so if you’re interested, you can check it out here! 

With so much gratitude it’s oozing thru the screen right to you! Mwah!