Til Death We Do Art, I think is a mantra for every artist. Art is the thing for me, it’s my life, it’s my blood, it’s everything I do. It’s an obsession, it’s on my mind 24/7, I see it everywhere and ideas for new art come in faster than I can make them.

Art saved my life and my sanity, growing up in a chaotic sitch and being bullied intensely at school, it was the one thing I had that kept me sane. I spent hours and hours (and hours!) drawing in my sketchbooks, I just wish I had kept them, but I didn’t.

By all stats on the matter, I should be dead, or a raging drunk, or druggie, or in jail, or any combo of those, but I’m not any of those things. And I can thank art and the people in my life who helped support me on my artistic mission for that. It helped me and kept me focussed on moving forward, and to keep learning and growing and trying new stuff.

I know I’ll be making art til the day I drop, and hope that by sharing my art and my story I can help somebody somewhere on their artistic journey. Art heals,  not only the viewer, but the maker. Maybe even moreso the maker. And they say it’s cheaper than therapy, although I could argue that- have you seen the price of art supplies!- lol, but for me, it’s my jam, it’s my life, and dang it, I love it more every day.

Now it’s just finding the time to do it, but I’m working on that. Aren’t we all…!

At any rate, I have added this design to my shop on Society 6, on all the usual suspects. in case you want to treat yourself or a favorite artist friend!

artist mug

Every purchase supports an artist, wink!

With much love and gratitude as always,