I’m working on a new personal passion project that’s close to my heart, The Quirky Chappess.

(and huge credit to my lovely and clever friend Vicki @iamlovekittypink for aptly coining the name!)
Something for those of us who march to the beat of our own drums.
Who’ve done the work and are moving on, stepping into our truth and realness now more than ever. 
Sharing our stories, healing, growing, expanding, and loving.
Flying our freak flags and finding our people.
Not allowing anyone else to speak for us anymore, and leaving behind things, and people, that don’t work for us anymore.
Speaking of our most authentic and deepest core selves, one big breath at a time.
Owning our inner weirdos and being all like dayum, this is me. And if you don’t like it, you can suck it.
This is who the Quirky Chappess is. We all have her inside of us and she’s ready to rumble!

In October, I will opening up preorders for a specially designed and illustrated calendar, created by me, and printed locally by my favorite indie printer in Vancouver BC.

Leading up to the official launch next month, I’ll be sharing images from it so you can get a peek at it as it happens!
Here’s the first one, I’m my own Superhero. 
Because she knows she has to be strong and save herself. She puts on her armour and is ready for action. With bold leaps and big steps, she faces her battles with an open heart and says “No more!” -pew pew- She takes down the naysayers with a perfected grin and exclaims proudly, “I am here, world! Love me or not, it doesn’t matter. I am ready and I know you are too. Let’s do this thing!”
And she blazes on through the dark and into the light, blasting away anything in her way, leaving a trail of love and sparkles for others to find their way too.
Let’s go!
More images coming up shortly, and more goodies launching, stay tuned!
You can follow The Quirky Chappess in Instagram here, full website n’such coming shortly:
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