Just be you. And if people don’t like it? Well, fuck them.

Up til now, she had lived her life trying to fit in, to not rock the boat, to do what others expected, to fit into a twisted system that she would never fit into. People tried to tell her who to be, what to say,and what to do. They said “You’re hard to get used to”, “don’t be so dramatic”, and even pretended she didn’t exist.
None of it was really her. Not really at all.

So she stepped up and she shed the self that was put on her by others, the one who conformed and was lost in a muddle, and left those who tried to keep her down behind, gently allowing her real self come out from hiding deep in her heart and step out into the light.
The ones who had tried to control her disappeared without a word into the dark, never to be seen again (thank goodness) and the ones who knew and had always seen the real her clapped and cheered and threw sparkly confetti.

She felt loved and she felt safe, and she felt joy and relief for the first time and she loved it. She vowed to always be real herself, and anyone who tried to take that away or stomp on her again? Fuck them.

This chappess will be part of my 2020 calendar launching later this month!
I’ll be opening up pre-orders the week of the 15th, stay tuned!
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