I’m done with trying to please others.

With hiding my heart away.

Dimming my light.

Losing my sparkle.

Playing along and not rocking the boat.


Fuck that shit.


Let’s rock this boat.

Throw huge handfuls sparkles in the air.

Laugh and shout and giggle and cry.

Dance and stomp and make ourselves seen.

Give our hearts and spirits safety and freedom to just be.


I am here.

If you don’t like it, that’s too bad for you.

I’m done pretending.

Done covering up.

Just done.


And that, is a very good thing.

Shine on.

And be done with the rest.

Are we done?



This chappess will be part of my 2020 calendar launching later this week!
I’ll be opening up pre-orders this week, stay tuned!
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