The Quirky Chappess Calendar is now available for Pre-order only, thru October 23!
I won’t be doing a second run at this point, so if you’re eyeing one, now’s the time to get it!

And here’s today’s chappess, and her story below…
not older.
She’d reached a point in her life where she stopped worrying about what others think.
Because what they think is none of her business anyway.
She felt the snap of her soul, the energy flowing through her with a massive surge of love.
She opened her eyes one morning and said-
“This is my life.
I’ve been through some stuff.
But as I get older, I feel stronger.
Stepping in to being who I always was, letting go of old junk that doesn’t work for me anymore.”
She stretched her arms high to the sky, and spotted her tribe coming to her, like twinkling stars in the night. One by one, they came, bearing gifts of spirit, fearless daring, wisdom, spark, and a truckload of sass and bravery.
She is grateful for waking up.
For giving up old tired beliefs for new bold ones.
“Just live your life for you”, she now says,
“With love, intention, and a big dose of badassery.
Blast the naysayers with blinding light, be assured with intention, and shine big love from your heart.
You can’t go wrong from now on.”
She’s bolder.
Not older.
And she fucking loves it.
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