The next Quirky Chappess would like to introduce herself, Black is my Happy Colour.

She’s always been the black sheep, never quite fitting in, always feeling on the outside looking in. Made fun of for being herself. For being too quiet, too loud, too shy, too tall, too small, too… whatever.
She’s tired of trying to fit in with those who are determined to misunderstand her.
Fed up with trying to be somebody she is not to make others happy.
But as of now, she chooses to be too much herself, enjoying her life too much, and if others don’t like it?
Fuck it.
She speaks her truth and her story with clear intention.
She embraces her black sheep status with joy and happiness.
She is herself.
Nobody else can be her, and for that she is proud.
This chappess will be part of my upcoming calendar, pre-orders will be coming up mid-October. Stay tuned!
You can follow her (me!) on Instagram @thequirkychappess
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