Wowee I must be doing something right lately, if I do say so myself!

Just wanted to send a massive thank you, putting it out there to everyone who supports me, votes for me in recent design challenges, shares and likes my posts, purchases my art and handmade goodies, and favorites and buys fabric with my designs on Spoonflower and beyond. Every bit helps and I appreciate your help and support so much, it means a lot! Being an indie designer, I support myself and my little family with my work, so every dollar goes to help pay bills,  put food on the table, buy art supplies, and live. All of the awesome comments, kind emails, and likes and shares, help my spirits. Working at my home office and behind a computer or canvas all day can be hard sometimes, so your support and encouragement are a huge boost to me!
I mean don’t get me wrong, hubby is always encouraging me, and so supportive of everything I do, and the dogs are great listeners and always happily wagging their tails when I talk to them, but yes! You guys and your kindness and support all mean a lot to me!

On to the news… This week I placed 2nd in the Spoonflower tea towel design challenge, how exciting! You can see the winning design and the list of all top ten and participating designers here.


2nd place finish!

This morning I also found out that my Coat of Paint sold to a very happy buyer last night in the fashion show in Sechelt as part of the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl starting this weekend. How exciting and I’m so thrilled that it went to an awesome new home!

And earlier this week, I sold an original painting, it goes off to it’s new home shortly!

Yesterday we picked up my Christmas cards at the printer in Vancouver, and they turned out just great.


6 new original designs by yours truly!

Whenever we go to the city, it’s a fair way to drive from home, so we always go for lunch at our favorite shawarma place on Main Street, go do our errands then head home. It’s pretty much an all day adventure, mostly driving!

So when we got home, I unpacked my printing and gah, 3 sets of cards had the insides printed upside down. Which, knowing my printer is highly unusual for him to make any kind of oops, but I know he’s gotten some stressful news this week and might have been a bit off his game. I trust him to get things done quickly and correctly so I never bother to check when I go pick things up, knowing they’re always right and I’ve never ever had an issue in the many years I’ve worked with him, he’s just that good. So I kindly asked him to reprint them and he did very graciously, he’s just the best, I have to say. So, it was back to the city again today to pick them up, all fixed and ready to go and looking as they should, yay! They just need some glitter added to them, because, glitter!, and they’ll be all set.

 I will have them available singly, or in sets of 6, and will also be offering the option to customize the sentiment inside for a small additional fee. Stay tuned tomorrow!

My plan to update my shop today has been delayed by a day, since we just got home, again, (after a requisite stop at Ikea for a meatball lunch and candy shop) and I’m wiped, and running a bit behind on everything I’m working on, and feeling like I might be battling the start of a cold or something.

But, as a bonus, I now have some of these much-requested prints, that I picked up yesterday as well, so they’ll be up in my shop tomorrow as well!


Stay tuned! Much love and thank you for stopping by and sharing the love.