A day late but hey, it’s really busy around here these days, so it is allll good!

Here’s a real gooder, it makes me giggle every time I see it, in the fact there is a ton of hours of work in it, and for what it is, it would increase the cost of the project by a bazillion dollars if it were done the same way today, omg.

This project from my old design school portfolio was a presentation folder mockup for luxury cars. Of course since it’s 25 years after I did it, I don’t remember the exact brief, but it was to make a mocked up presentation folder, something that you would show a client before you hired a photog (big, big bucks) to create your photos, etc. etc.


The cover design, all hand-rendered, the lettering was painted in white paint with a teeny tiny brush, the water droplets in white pencil crayon,, and the badge a combination of marker and pencil crayon. I did a spray of white “mist” with an airbrush in behind. The background is black construction paper, a bit faded after so long but not in bad shape!

I had a thing for Porsches, I don’t even really know why, I am SO not a car person now. They are Norm’s favorite and dream car though!


cover detail

Lettering all done by hand. And yes they did actually measure your ascenders/descenders/ thicks & thins for consistency!


Inside spread, on the left this would show a “beauty” photo, I was working from a European book (no internet then!) about the car, so the driver is on the opposite side we’re used to here. I think I got marks taken off for that- bah! But it’s a European car! Oh well. Beside it, “vanity” text, some sort of interesting sales description of how Porsches will rock your world and all that good stuff! The text indicated by lines, since back then, setting text was an additional expense, so you “implied” it to start.

inside cover

Illustration was done in black pencil crayon on white paper, then cut out and attached to the background black.

The right side is the “flap” so potentially would hold important papers, inside the folder.


This illustration was a combination of marker and pencil crayon on paper, then attached to the background and carefully trimmed with an Xacto blade to make a “diecut” flap.


And the back, handpainted lettering and pencil crayon droplets, complete the look!


Whew! Hella work in that!

If I were to create this project now, it would be SO much simpler. Grab a few photos from the car company, perhaps their official font if they have one, add in their logos, give it a waz (my favorite Jamie Oliver word!) thru Photoshop, and lay it all out simply in InDesign with some latin text (my favorite site for that is Lipsum). Send it off by email in PDF format and bingo, done in a coupla few hours.

Back in school we usually had one to two weeks to complete a project, which in today’s world would never fly. Try maybe one to two days at most, unless you’re working on a big budget project, like a car presentation folder!  And even then.

Another project from the archives!