Stop waiting for whatever it is you’re waiting for.
There will never be a perfect time or day or hour or phase.
Get started now and create the perfect time for yourself.

Because you need it.
You deserve it.
You own it.

Stop worrying about what other people will think or say or do.
Their opinions don’t matter.

Leave fear behind, because fear is imagined and those imaginary dragons are yours to slay with nothing more than the beat of your heart, your drum, your soul, your love. Rising to the occasion. Leading your tribe, even if that tribe is of one– you- to start. Marching and marching and beating your drum faster and faster until you


Stop wasting time doing stupid shit, worrying about things or people or situations or past that you can’t control or can’t fix or can’t forgive.
Some things are better left behind. Some things or people or stuff don’t want to be fixed and it’s not up to you to fix them anyway.

Stop hiding.
Speak your truth.

Find your new path and run with it.
Dig in deep and pull out all the good stuff you’ve kept hidden away and use it, beaming out bright like a lighthouse in the night.

Share your story and let your fellow weirdos, scapegoats, black sheep, kindred souls, know it’s ok, it’s going to be ok.
You are ok.
Everything you need is right inside you for the taking. For you and you only. Grab it and make something brilliant.
You’re fucking amazing and you need to know that.

Stop dicking around wasting time and get on with it.
The world needs you just as you are.

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