Have you heard of Spoonflower before? If not, you’re missing out!

Spoonflower is a print-on-demand service where you can upload and print your own fabrics with your own designs! Other people can also purchase your designs in the Marketplace. Pretty cool. It’s so much fun, and over the years they’ve added all kinds of cool and different fabrics to their line up, as well as wallpaper, and gift wrap. For designers, with every sale of your design(s), you get a commission, which is awesome and super helpful! Every little bit helps!

I’ve been a member with Spoonflower pretty much since their beginning days. They hosted weekly design challenges/contests with weekly prizes for several years. In the beginning, I entered a design every single week, for a couple of years straight. I built up my design library, even won a few of the challenges!

You can see how much my style has changed, this is my design from the very first contest they hosted, over 6 years ago!


I didn’t know how to do repeats so I kind of fudged it. I remember being so stoked when somebody actually bought some of my design! How exciting!

I’ve been very lucky, and my awesome fabric peeps at Robert Kaufman Fabrics found me on Spoonflower about 2 years in, and contacted me about some of my designs. Unfortunately those particular designs didn’t proceed through production, but after submitting several new design collections after that initial contact, one collection, Kona Modern Quilts, got selected to go ahead in 2011! And the rest is history! I’ve since had 12 (!!) collections released with Robert Kaufman, and there are now more in the works for next year. Seriously, I still pinch myself! It’s a lot of dedicated work and research (what will be hot for Christmas 2018- go!), with a love of fabric, and devotion to creating new designs, behind the scenes, but it’s so worth it and is thrilling and such an honour to work with the awesome team at Robert Kaufman Fabrics. I can’t wait to share my next collection, it’s super fun and cute, if I do say so myself. Stay tuned early next year!

Back to Spoonflower, this past year, they changed up their contest offerings to be larger monthly, and sponsored contests. There was a lot of grumbling and sadness in the community about  it. But now they’re back to the weekly open contests and I’m playing along, to stretch my design muscles, and experiment with my style, colour palettes, and overall themes. Here’s my entry in this week’s contest, the theme is “Prohibition Cocktails”:


The entire design is hand-lettered (digitally), and illustrated, of course, by me. I did a bit of research into Prohibition drink recipes and found some fun ones that I included in the design. I’ve also got some printed and on their way to me to sew up and sell, so, watch this space if you’d like to get one, or, you can order the fabric directly here.

As well, the theme for the entire month of October is “Tea Towels” so it is set up to print on a fat quarter of their linen cotton canvas, including a hem/safe area, as they will actually be available on their sister site, Roostery, as final sewn tea towels too! There are some fun themes coming up, including the super competitive “Calendar” theme later in October- I’ve already got a sketch of my idea for that one ready to get underway. (If you want a sneak peek of next week’s entry, the theme is Grandma’s Kitchen, I’ve illustrated a favorite family recipe, you can take a peek here!

If you feel so inclined to take a peek and vote for your favorites, head over to Spoonflower here, and vote!


Many thanks in advance if you do give a vote to my design, and/or buy some of the fabric, and for supporting me and my work.  As a working designer and artist, every bit helps and I’m grateful for your support!

Much love!