This week’s design challenge at Spoonflower was “Family Portraits”. I had way too many ideas, first I thought of a dog family portrait, complete with naughty cousin Rover wearing a cone of shame and the required hipster uncle being shmarmy.


Then I thought, what about a silly Christmas-y family of gnomes doing funny holiday things and posing in ugly sweaters? Grumpy older brother not wanting to wear his stupid ugly sweater grumblegrumble….gnomes

But both ideas just weren’t working for me after the initial sketching point, so then I came up with the Deers, a Christmas family portrait of a deer family, with dad in his red geeky glasses, mama in her red polkadotty scarf, and kiddo with a bright red nose and polkadots on his butt. So much more fun!


Birch trees, snow and sparkles, with scripty words mixed in, in a limited palette of warm greys, charcoal, and red, for a swish Christmas design.

And you can check it out in more detail and even purchase some if you like, over in my Spoonflower shop, right here!