D’oh I have been super sick with a cold/flu/cough combo that has seriously kicked my butt. It’s finally starting to go away but man, it really sucked the past week or so trying to work and feeling so rotten. The joys of  being self-employed!

I just heard today that my design Boldly Butterflying placed 3rd this week in the Spoonflower design challenge! It’s such an honour and thrill, seriously!

This week the theme is “Feathers” and I created this design, Birds of a Feather.

I was lucky to get to try some new gouache brushes from one of my fave Procreate brush creators, Abbie of Uproot Brushes. They are so cool! I created the entire design using only the brushes from her new set (coming out soon!).

I wasn’t sure if I was going to finish the design in time for the challenge deadline this week, since I was sick and really didn’t feel like doing anything at all, but squeaked in within minutes to spare.

I kept it super brushy and “painty”, leaving bits of the red background peeking through for extra movement and excitement and overlapping colours in the background for a subtle texture. I’m really digging this look so I’ll be lots more of it I’m sure, and the Uproot gouache brushes will be getting a good workout!

I have loads more good stuff to share, just getting caught up again!

With much love and gratitude as always!