Hurrah! This week, my design for the “Yarn” theme Spoonflower design challenge finished 9th place!

I used to knit, and crochet, a lot. I was into amigurumi, granny squares, knitting socks, scarves, intricate lacey shawls, you name it, I probably tried it! Then my hands decided that uh uh, we will not do that anymore. Constant pain and my hands would end up like crampy miserable claws after knitting or crocheting for only a short time and would take a couple of days to stop hurting. So I gave it up. Sometimes I miss it, I loved playing with Koigu, Noro, Malabrigo, Madeline Tosh, all those yummy squishy colourful yarns, sigh. But my hands are happy, and I kinda need ’em to do stuff like fabric design, painting, sewing. It’s all good!

We have some local yarn bombers, and there are some of their creations right on our street! One’s been there since we moved here just over 8 years ago, still wrapped around the crosswalk sign by the school on our street. So much fun! I think if I were knitting now, I might try yarn bombing. Bring some colour to boring old poles and wrap trees in a colourful scarf. But for now, I can draw ’em! So that’s what I did this past week.

Of course, a yarn bomber’s bike would have to be yarn bombed as well! So much fun!

This week’s contest theme is Needlepoint. Another crafty thing I was into before my hands freaked out on that too. Le sigh.

Here’s my design, I was inspired by needlepoint charts and all the coloured squares you painstakingly follow as you stitch. Somehow, I could never get the counting right and would usually end up freestyling when I realized I’d messed something up. It’s all good, making it my own! I also used needlepoint yarns I got at the thrift store, since they’re impossible to find new at any local shops, and, are way cheaper to buy a bag stuffed full of them for $1 than several dollars per skein new, so I had to get creative with colours sometimes if I didn’t have what the pattern called for.

I also included a tattoo reference, since there are needles involved in that process as well. Plus, I just love tattoos in general, I might have another new one brewing in mind… hmmm….

You can head over to Spoonflower to vote for your favorites in this week’s contest, follow this link to vote! 

Thank you as always if you might vote for my design while you’re there, every vote counts and is very appreciated!
With much love!