I’m just wrapping up the last 3 days of work work this week, it’s been crazy, crazy busy, as is the usual this time of year!

I haven’t had much time to do anything else, but I am continuing to get my Spoonflower design challenge entries done (other than this week, inspiration didn’t strike for the theme of Aurora Borealis- tough one and not enough time so I missed that one). But next week’s theme is Limited Palette Sewing, using the new Pantone COTY Greenery, which is awesome, plus black, white, and one colour of your choice. And this contest reminds me I really, really need a new Pantone swatch book, I’m several- omg just checked the date on mine, almost 10 years!!- behind, omg.


My design! I went with a girlie sewing tattoo theme.

I’m kind of obsessing on tattoos lately. I found an amazing tattoo artist in Abbotsford who reinvented some of my old tattoos for me and made them gorgeous again. I have plans for another one soonish too. So hey! What do I love! Sewing? Tattoos? Perfect mashup!

I have this colourway, plus one in red and turquoise, coming up!

Coming up in the New Year there will be some changes around here, finally, we’ve both been too busy to get our own stuff done- cobbler’s kids and all. But New Year. It’s time to go freakin’ big, and I’m excited! It’s time. More than time.

This past year was amazing, in more ways than I ever expected, and made up for the horrendous year we had the previous year- (don’t ask, it was awful all around).

I’m so grateful for the huge improvement this year, and for your support of me and my work!
2017 I have my very first solo art show coming up in September, so I’ll be posting more about that as I create pieces for it.  And a bunch more exciting for-now-secret stuff brewing, eee!

If I’m not around here again before Christmas, wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

With much love and gratitude,