My entry in this week’s design challenge at Spoonflower, theme of Moody Florals. I went with a palette of subdued (for me haha) blues, with butterflies floating among big blue posies, and a subtle, leafy mandala in the background. You can vote for all of your favourites now, follow this link:

#spoonflower #moodyflorals #butterfly #florals #mandala
For this design I used Amaziograph and Procreate to create the artwork, and Illustrator to create the final repeat.
This art is also on it’s way to my agent for licensing, wink!
I’ve had SO much client work on the go lately, I’m running a bit behind on everything, but being busy is good. No complaints. And I feel very grateful to be able to do my work, from my home office, with my hubby, dogs and music, (and no other co-workers), on my own terms.

I’ve also had a seriously amazing response to my last post here and on Instagram about my story and I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me through it. I have a whole series of posts and art to go with coming up. It’s important to share, as I’ve discovered that healing comes from being open and sharing, but also when others share, there’s so much you can learn from their stories too. I’ve found so much information and knowledge just from reading about other people’s similar experiences, and knowing that I’m not alone, and not crazy for feeling the way I feel or for having taken the measures I took to protect myself (it’s actually a pretty normal response, and pretty common). Even just finding out that things that happened that were seemingly tiny and insignificant, and extremely specific, had happened to others almost word for word? It’s like whoa. Knowledge is empowering and taking a big step back and seeing the bigger picture, the key players, and the root cause, is very eye-opening. An interesting thought: ” When you have to google someone’s behaviour to understand it,  you know there’s a problem”.
More to come on that!
With much love and thanks as always for your support of me and my work!