Say what? Sometime you have to get really creative for the weekly contest themes over at Spoonflower! They really make you stretch your creative brain muscles, I kinda love it. This week’s theme is Post-apocalyptic toile. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do for this one so I started thinking about who would survive should there ever be some kind of end of the world event. Bugs! Zombies! Add in some french country toile as per the theme, and bingo you’ve got a french maiden chowing down on some brains, surrounded by grody bugs.

I started with a pencil sketch of the maiden-turned-zombie, then refined and finished her in ink, along with a beetle, fly, cockroach, and brainzzzz!


Then I scanned the images, vectorized- just a quick trace job as I wanted rough sketchy edges, this is a grungey zombie scene afterall- and started layout and repeat design. I went with green, because, ew, rotting brains, and traditional toile is usually only one to two colours so I stuck with a semi-tradition-inspired feel.

Et voilà!


It will be in this week’s voting starting on Thursday, so I hope you’ll head on over and pop a vote in for me!

And, if you feel so inspired, it is now available for sale right here!