Spill the tea!

It’s been a while hasn’t it! I was awol for bit getting some hefty client projects finished- 2 kids books, omg so much fun!- then a big chunk of licensing art came in right before the holidays to get done before year end, so heeeyyyy! I’m back & how are you? You’re looking good!

To re-start the party, I joined in the fun with Wattsalot #sketchbooksquad, and this is my teapot for today’s inspo (scroll to see the supplied inspiration image)
Took a bit longer than the suggested ten minutes, but hey. I’m having fun and that’s the idea.
I just got my mitts on some acryla gouache from Holbein & I LOVE it. So, I’m hoping to play along and do some more gouache-y paintings.

Supplied inspo image Jan.17

I’ve got plans to submit some work next month to an upcoming summer art market close to where I live, so this is great practice in learning how this medium works.
I learned how to use regular gouache waaaaaay back in college days, but we used it differently – for more precise illustrations/renderings, and I learned recently that I don’t actually like it! Annoying AF. So acryla gouache is faaaantastico in my books, similar to gouache but more opaque and doesn’t pick up when you layer over it- yessssss!
Annnnd I need to get more paint colours to play with!
Can’t wait to experiment more with it!

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