close up

Every year so far I have missed the submission date for PaperGirl Vancouver, but this year I was ahead of the game and got in on the action!

PaperGirl is a pretty cool initiative, where any artists of any age and ability can submit their art, as long as it is “roll-up-able”. It is first shown in a non-juried show, then it is rolled into mixed bundles and given out to people along certain bike routes in the city. Such a fun idea!

I used some raw canvas scraps I had in my stash and did a couple of quickie flowery pieces.

piece 1 papergirl

I hope whoever gets them tracks me down (all my relevant deets are written on the backs!) I’d love to know where they end up!

piece2 papergirl

Sending out good karma and happiest wishes to their recipients, whoever they will be!


So much fun! Happy artin’!