You know I post a lot about peace and love stuff and I truly believe, you need to keep love in your heart, have some gratitude, and just in general, keep things peaceful as much as possible, doing what’s right for you.

But sometimes, you need some extra-strength words to say what you want to say. And please, no offense, this is all for fun. If you’re offended by swear words, please close your browser window now. I’ll have more non-sweary stuff coming up soon.

Anyway. I’ve had this idea for ages and finally got some time today to sit down for a few hours and play! Some new art up in my Society 6 Shop, the Pretty Sweary collection! Click the images to go right to Society 6 to get the goods.

I asked my Facebook friends for their favorite swears and phrases and ha! They delivered some excellent content and inspiration I have to say!

The designs are all pretty florals with special phrases, drawn and hand-lettered digitally by me.

This one was most popularly voted by likes on facebook, it just cracks me up! And the discussion in the thread was just hilarious. My friends are awesome. And glad that most are not offended. Phew.

So if you’re feeling a bit subversive, you can sip your coffee while not saying a word.  Wink wink…

Because, right!?

Again, please no offense, I know this is not for everyone, it’s all meant in good fun and that’s it. 

I will have more designs coming up in this collection, and will be adding the designs to more products in my shop. It’s a lot of time and work to set them all up, but if you want a specific product that I haven’t set up yet, send me a note and I can get it done for ya! Here’s a link to my main shop, so you can check out all  of my designs, sweary or not, to date….

With much love as always,