I recently signed up for Make Art That Sells, Assignment Bootcamp, to stretch my illustration muscles and do some new work. I find being given an assignment with specifics really helps corral all the bazillion ideas I have in my head to do, and I love taking those guidelines and pushing them as far as I can. Sometimes being left to my own devices with just a general theme to create new art for, like “Christmas” can be overwhelming, like where to even start?  So I signed up to broaden my horizons and learn some new stuff, and the group is amazingly talented and cool and I simply love it already just a few days in.

The first assignment is a small one to work your way up to the “big” one coming up next. We were broken into groups and given a medium, a flower, and a colour palette. I got pencil crayons, lily of the valley, and a fun blue/jade/ turquoise palette.

I started first by doing a drawing in pencil crayon on wood. I added some inks in the background too.

I think next I am going to take this one digitally and redraw it with a pencil crayon effect and see what I can do with it in Procreate.

Then I took it digitally and drew up some lily-themed “icons” as Lilla calls them, or little illustrations that be used as-is or part of  a bigger whole. They are supposed to be quick and fun, so I spent a couple of hours just playing.

I could keep going, and, I want to try the other flowers and palettes as an extra project for myself at some point!

The “big” assignment is coming up next, so I’m looking forward to that! So far I’ve learned sooooo much already, and I love the energy of Lilla and the group, it’s so exciting!

I feel like I’ve hit my stride and style-wise I’m finding a fun groove that I’m really digging. Seriously, Procreate has changed everything for me. If you’ve been thinking about trying it, do it.


Next, I got some pretty awesome happy mail yesterday, some samples of greeting cards!

These will be at a certain US grocery store that we all wish was up here in Canada too. The little pot that the flowers are in is based on a little enamel salt pot from my late gran. I think of her and miss her every day, and I think she would be absolutely thrilled to see these, and she’d love that I’m doing art for a living. I have a few more small objects from her that I am going to incorporate into some new work, she was so supportive of me and it’s a fun way to include her, and I know she’d be so happy for me!

Upcoming I have some more Soul Portraits underway and a ton of new client work this past while. It’s been really exciting lately!  I’ll share more as I can!

Happy Friday and thank you so much for your support of me and my work! Much love and gratitude as always,