Woot woot! Sale time at Society 6, with free shipping on everything, and 25% off on all pillows, the sale goes from today until 11:59 Sunday, March 19, 2017.

So if you’ve been eyeballing my new Pretty Sweary collection, (or any of my other designs) here’s a direct link to the mugs, all collected for you:

Throw pillows are all 25% off (caution, when you click thru, you’ll see some of my fun new sweary designs, just ignore them if they offend you but I hope they don’t! )

& have you seen their funky new floor pillows?

I’d love to have a pile of these to dive into!

Head over to Society 6 to check it all out, here’s a direct link to my main shop!

Many thanks for supporting me and my work!