Over Christmas & New Year I was in the hospital with an infection in my spine that came at me from out of nowhere. I just came home a few days ago, still in pain & feeling very tired. It was not fun. Hospitals (and hospital food) are awful places. Necessary but not nice.

I know there are a bunch of requests of Spoonflower fabric design changes you guys have sent me (yaaass!), stuff for Society 6, and other requests I need to get to. And I will! I just need a few more days to rest & not over do it. I’m hoping to get back to things this coming week but with client work first, obvs, so any other requests might take a while.

I am so grateful for all your love and likes, shares, and purchases thru all my shops, and you keep me going with your funny comments and suggestions, and encouragement, keep it coming! I’ll be back up & running properly soon, but for now I’m just tackling my client’s & agent’s needs first.

Thanks SO much, you all are amazing! Happy New Year!

What’s your word or phrase for the year?
Mine’s: Fuck yes!
**(Does not apply to discitis or spine infections, nope no way)

xoxoxo Cynthia