Shine so bright

painting of a lighthouse sining a rainbow coloured light, lettering that reads "Shine so bright you burn their fucking eyes"

I’m playing along with Wattsalot Sketchbook Squad on Instagram, & today’s prompt is a lighthouse scene.

Sometimes I think sharing your story, whatever it is, is like becoming lighthouse of sorts.
I experienced a shit ton of trauma as a kid, and as an adult, and what reallllly helped me was reading other people’s stories who experienced similar things.

Bullying, scapegoating, abuse, trying to survive in a severe alcoholic household growing up, being bullied relentlessly at school, then as an adult in workplaces, and by friends- when you find a tribe of other people who get it and understand it when nobody else does, who care and are on similar healing journeys, it makes alllll the difference. People who don’t call you crazy or a liar, who sometimes have surprisingly and eerily similar stories, it sure helps when you feel all alone in trying to figure it out and make sense of things that are impossible to make sense of.

So now I share my story as part of that, and if I can help someone understand their own path in some tiny way and find a piece to their own puzzle from reading about what I went through, then my job as a lighthouse is done.

But I’ll always hold light for anyone who needs it.
Everyone has a story and sending it out bit by bit helps not only others, but yourself.
Bringing light to the dark and shining your heart out for other people to find you is healing and a very wonderful thing.

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