Woot woot! I just made another $100 donation to our local foodbank, with my cut of the proceeds of sales of this design, Wash your F’ing Hands, Stay the F Home on Spoonflower.

Seriously grateful and thankful for everyone who has purchased some of my work and designs, supporting this cause, plus me and my work with all of the other design sales! Especially in these crazy times, we all need to help each other, in whatever way we can.


This week, the design challenge theme, Bowl Noodles, on Spoonflower wasn’t grooving in my brain, and I wasn’t going to participate since I couldn’t think of anything interesting to create for it. I mean I love me some good spicy KimChi noodle bowls, but drawing them to make them pretty or interesting isn’t my thing. But then I re-read the design brief and took the theme off the deepend.

My version: “A Bowl Cut for Your Noodle”!

The official brief directions on the Spoonflower challenge info page read, in bold text to boot- “Any kind of noodle”.
I took that as a challenge!

In these days of having no hair stylists able to work until who knows when, we may have to resort to ye olde bowl cut.
But, as always, use your noodle, bowl cuts are questionable at best.

You can find this design in my shop here, all ready to get your noodle creatin’!

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