scraps feature-01

Are you playing along with this little quilty challenge, to help use up your fabric scraps?

I finally figured out a plan. I was way overthinking it, and was getting way too complicated and over examining everything. It’s just scrap fabric, it’s not like you’re cutting in to a precious stash piece, right? (Although I believe that fabric is meant to be used and enjoyed, and not hidden away to be too afraid of to use, just cut it up and use it already, that’s what it’s for!)

I put together a Pinterest board of inspo if you’re feeling stuck, I know I was overwhelming myself with too many ideas.


I came up with an idea, using solid colours and tiny strips for “log cabin” style blocks, inspired partly by one of my fave quilty crushes, @cauchycomplete on Instagram, and her blog is here– super awesome and inspiring stuff!I love how she works with such tiny, tiny, pieces and comes up with amazingly creative and colourful, and tiny, quilty masterpieces.


I made mine wonky, no measuring, just using up scraps pretty much as they were, with as little fussing and cutting as possible.

scrapped blocks

My first idea was a theme of “like attracts like”, which, if you’ve ever read any Law of Attraction kind of stuff (which is really good stuff btw!) is where my inspo came from, of like colours attracting like colours. So warms with warms, and cools with cools.

I made these blocks and played with them a bit but it just wasn’t working. So, I switched gears a bit.

I’ve always loved scrappy, improv medallion quilts, and wanted to make one. I decided to do a log cabin and medallion improv mash-up.


Traditionally, log cabin blocks have red centres, as the “hearth” or fire, or even love, of a home. So I did 4 red wonky log cabin-y blocks to represent that. I threw in a scrap of vintage red polkadots, just because. Just doing these 4 blocks, I pretty much used up all of my red solids scraps. Woot!

Then I started building around them with neutral greys, with one white/pearl metallic piece thrown in for good measure- because I adore metallic prints!- as a border. Then I collected my yellow, orange, pink, and a bit of purple, scraps and started on the next border. Each little strip is about 1/4″-3/8″-ish wide, some a bit less, some a bit more, just going with it and not measuring or planning.

scraps only progress

This is where I got to yesterday! My overall goal is to use all of my solids scraps, and have an empty solids scrap bin when I’m done. So far so good!

In the middle of all this scrappy goodness I’ve been working on cleaning up my creative spaces, tidying, dusting, purging, reorganizing.

My sewing room is almost done, still a few piles and things to deal with, but almost there!

sewing room cleanup

You can see my pile of scraps on the cutting matt, they are going down fast now!

This long weekend I will be working on my #scrapsonly project some more, plus my Coat of Paint, and doing a practice for my very first Art Battle which is next weekend, eee!! I hope you have a lovely long weekend and if you’re playing along with your scraps, please do post on Instagram and tag with our hashtag #scrapsonly so everyone can see! It’s an open-ended challenge, so no pressure, just have fun and go at your own pace, and enjoy revisiting your fabric scraps! Happy happy!