I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, and working on a few “secret” projects lately that I can’t share just yet- but watch this space coming up in the next week or so…!


Sneak peek, practice piece! 20 minutes, 18″x24″

I’m preparing to go in my first Art Battle next weekend and doing a bit of practice to make sure I can pull it off. It’s a bit scary and a bit exciting, 20 minutes to create a piece of art! In front of an audience! With limited colours! And a mystery item to incorporate! And no metallic paint allowed! Oh em gee! I think I now have a plan figured out. I think! And hey, I even sold one of my practice pieces, maybe two, already! So that is pretty cool.


Sneak peek, practice piece #2

Anyway, I got really busy sewing this past week, and, sewed and sewed on my #scrapsonly project. I really got into it, listening to my fave house-y dance music (Look up The Bearded Man play lists on Apple Music if you’re into that kind of music, so great!) and put in a few hours all in a row the other day. Playing with colour and fabric is just so much fun, I went full steam ahead and got a lot done!



Here’s where I got to before things went awry.

I mixed in some bits of Robert Kaufman Sparkle, because, metallic!

I finally decided to call it a day and I turned off the sewing machine, iron, music, lights, fan, and bingo bango my shoulder started screaming (more like swearing!) at me. I don’t know what I did specifically, I’m guessing it was just doing the same thing over and over for hours on end, sewing, rotary cutter-ing to trim the seam allowance (I was making wonky flying geese blocks, lots of trimming involved), (and stupidly using a dull blade which makes you need to press harder with the cutter- but I can squeeze a bit more life out of the blade if I just do this! argh!) then pressing each piece, and holy shoulder pain, it’s been insane. I can’t even lift my right arm without it hurting, and sleeping on it, or trying to, has been interesting.
I have some stretches the RMT gave me to do when I got a massage on my other shoulder the last time, and it didn’t really help. Doing some yoga stretching I learned in my spin/yoga classes didn’t help either.

So instead of being stubborn about it like I usually am and powering through whatever it is that is trying to stop me, I took a break and actually stopped. Rest is the only thing that’s going to help this situation. No sew for you! I am dying to sew this over this weekend, hello 3 days off in a row to play, but I haven’t. I had big plans to maybe even do some garment sewing, and cut out/sew a top I have had sitting for a while. But, I need to rest this shoulder and let it calm the hell down, so the sewing room is staying dark for now.

Did my painting, did some thrifting, and garden cleanup. Started reading this book, The Art of Money, by Bari Tessler, which has been so perfectly perfect in timing, and very appropriate and validating for me in so many ways, I am loving it! So I got stuff done, just not what I was expecting to get done. But it’s all good!

Hope you had a lovely long weekend, and stay tuned for some more fun stuff, including a fun new free pattern by me, coming up asap! 😀