Today’s lettering prompt from Holly Pixels, “We Rise by lifting others”.

There are women’s marches happening everywhere today, it’s a very exciting time of much-needed change. I’m not marching in person but I am in spirit!

I read an interesting instagram post last night about authenticity and doing work you love. I love creating art that inspires, uplifts, and makes people smile and relate and maybe even take steps to make changes in their own lives. I had a blast creating this lettering and trying out different features of Procreate. I think I’m on to something, and I would LOVE to do more of this kind of work professionally. I have a few ideas brewing, wink wink!

This morning, in the spirit of the marches, I got a lovely message from someone who has purchased some of my designs on Society 6 and she suggested this one. I think that most people will agree with the sentiment, and I have added it to my shop!

I think it’s pretty fitting, no? Link on image above. ;D

As a heads up, there’s a good 2 day sale starting tomorrow, Sunday January 21, 2018,  at Society 6, 25% off everything with promo code ART25OFF
You can find my shop right here!

With much love & gratitude as always,