Here’s a quick and fun Hallowe’en-y project with fabric and rope, using the same method as the crazy popular, and addictive!,  Rope Basket Tutorial I posted here.

I’ve made a bunch of baskets and had some rope pieces left over and wondered what to make with them, other than another basket! I came up with a Halloween Pumpkin table mat, that you can put out on your spoooooky treat table, put your pumpkin on it, and as a bonus it doubles as a hot pad for fun holiday party tables!

Hallowe’en has  special place in my heart as it’s my hubby & my anniversary- 20 years this year!- so anything I can make Halloween-y is always a bonus for me.

Let’s go!
The only things you’ll need that’s different is some fusible web, I used Heat n’ Bond® regular, and some additional fabric to make the face (black/tone on tone print/whatever colour you want the face details to be).

So, following the tutorial here, get started and cut some fabric strips. I originally was going shabby chic and using a mix of orange, grey, white, silver and black fabrics, but then of course got inspired to do a second one as a pumpkin, so you’ll see where I switched gears in the photos, lol! I think this might look cool in a scrappy mix of black prints with white or glow fabric face details, or even in a funky colour like hot pink or green! Oh gosh, now I need a hot pink pumpkin mat… anyways!

Follow the tutorial as-is to begin wrapping and sewing, and wrapping and sewing.

The only difference to note now, is that instead of tipping the entire piece up to get a basket, you’ll just continue to sew it flat. Super easy, right?

Once you have your mat the size you’d like it to be, follow the end/edge finishing instructions in the tutorial and you should have a nice round, flat mat similar to this one:

Mine’s about 11″ across but you can make them any size, big or small!

Next, download and print out this template for the jack o’ lantern face. 
(Click link to view, then right click on the template to save to your computer, prints on standard 8.5″x11″ paper.)
I sized it to fit a 10-12″ size mat, so you can resize the template by increasing or reducing the print scale on your printer.

Trace the shapes of the eyes, nose, and mouth onto the back/paper side of the fusible web, then roughly cut them out.

Position the pieces glue side down onto the wrong side of the fabric you chose for the face elements, and fuse into place, following manufacturer’s instructions.

Cut the pieces out along the traced lines, then peel off the paper backing.

Position the pieces onto the mat, and fuse into place, following manufacturer’s instructions.

And you’re done! Enjoy!

Happy and safe Hallowe’en!

With much love and gratitude as always,