This time of year is always really busy for me with my client design projects, as well as making art, and crafting up goodies for an upcoming craft show I’m participating in in Vancouver next month.


I have a ton of blog posts in my head ready to write, just need the time to do them! I haven’t really done any sewing other than the Sew Together bags you can see above (that’s my own fabric on the outside, you can find it in my Spoonflower shop here!) . I’ve been working on Christmas ornaments and paintings, and fabric designs, and of course client work which always ramps up around this time of year.

I have some big changes coming up in my work, including creating a new website for my illustration, design, and licensed work. I did a sketch for a new logo and have had it sitting on my desk for weeks, I still love it, so it needs finishing and on to next steps.

I even ordered a fancy 2017 planner for myself, finally, no more dollar store crappy calendar, time to amp it up! Like they say, if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results.  So I’m changing up everything in how I work. Everything! 2017 is to go bigger than big. Focus on what is working, and what’s not. Get rid of the not’s. Demoting some things back to hobby status, and putting more time into others. In the meantime, I’m focussing on getting through everything on my current to-do list, then taking a bit of a break over Christmas, (including time to read, I never get time to read and I have piles of books waiting for me!) and then it’s go go go time!

More soon!

With much love and gratitude,