A little illustration I finished up today, inspired by an article in Oprah Magazine, about plants helping keep your happy up during dreary winter months. I love plants and wish I had more space, and windows, to add more to my plant-y family!

I do have a very prolific spider plant, that came from a baby I snipped from a colleague’s plant back in my design agency days, sheesh, almost 20 years ago now! This sucker makes babies like nobody’s business, I given some away to willing victims friends to keep my house from being grown over with them!

Along with our jungle of spider plants, I love pileas and snake plants lately and have one of each, a lipstick plant, a kalanchoe, plus an umbrella plant that was getting way out of control and wouldn’t stand up by itself anymore. I chopped it’s top half off and stuck it in the dirt and presto- happy new plant.  There’s something magic about sticking your hands in dirt and watching plants grow. Can’t wait for spring to get outside and play with the plants out there!