Check it out, the piece I created for the Oxygen For the Soul Project, (also featured as above!) for Holmberg House and the Abbotsford Hospice Society in Abbotsford, will be in a group show at the Kariton Gallery from February 18 – March 13. Each piece is up for sponsoring bids, and the sponsor’s name will appear on a plaque (along with the artist’s name and piece title) with the piece once it’s hung for permanent display in the hospice.

If you’d like to sponsor a piece, go check out the show and make a bid, all details are above!

To further this piece, I have been honoured to have been asked to create 4 more pieces for Holmberg House! We’re just deciding final themes and imagery then I’ll be busy painting, painting, painting! Such an honour and a thrill to be recognized! I’ll post more about the pieces as they happen!