Back in the day, I worked for a small publication called City Food. (Sadly now defunct).
It was all about food, wine, restaurants, and chefs in Vancouver, BC. I did loads of spot illustrations for each issue, and helped with the paste-up (haven’t heard that term in many moons) of the pages, getting them ready for print.

The first “project” I ever did for them was an entry in a cover design contest, and I was SO shy, I dropped my entry through the mailbox one night so I didn’t have to go in to their office. lol.
After that, I was hired on a freelance basis to help the art director produce each issue.

When I was doing some tidying up the other day I came across the issue, from 1993, omg. I drew this all by hand with tech pens on illustration board, then cut ruby lithe (remember the smell?) colour separations for each colour.

Cover from 1993 (Yellow & pink were not my selections but it holds up!)

I would spend hours painstakingly drawing each line to be perfectly smooth, and used WhiteOut (!!) for any corrections.

Anyway, I was thinking, if there was such a thing as iPads back then (dating myself but computers were just starting to be used more for design, most was still done by hand) what would my work be like now?
My hands-on design school education was invaluable because we learned the actual craft of art and design, doing absolutely everything by hand was required since there was no other way. There was no undo, no way to go back, if you made a mistake, you made it work or else had to redo the entire damn thing from scratch.

But if the technology was around then, what would I have done for this cover if I could have?

So yesterday I made it my mission to try it, using the same theme and colours, and I redesigned & redrew it, with a more modern theme of course.
Because who leaves the house when you can have everything delivered? Plus wine is cheaper at home, just sayin’.

More project take 2’s coming, I have some real goodies hehe!

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