Drawing and creativity challenges that is!

Inktober started yesterday and I’m participating this year- properly. No more crapping out a few days in. (Speaking of stopping mid-project- the 100ishDays100Arts will be back. Soon.)

Anyway! Inktober! Day 1’s theme was “Poisonous”.

I am really grooving on 70’s-ish lettering lately, and this came to mind pretty much as soon as I read the list of themes. A wicked, saucy spider serving up your poison of choice.
I drew her in Procreate on my iPad. I did a colour version as well but decided afterwards that black and white with grey is the way to go.

I know traditionally Inktober is hand-drawn with a pen/ink/whatever flavour you like, on paper, but digital is allowed and not shunned, lol, so I went for it.

Day 2 – today- the theme is Tranquility.

And I wrote a story for her, which I think is my jam, so I’ll be doing this with each one going along:
“She finds tranquility in the light of the moon. She rests in it’s glow, knowing she is safe. Protected by it’s ever-present quietness, she belongs to it and it to her. As do you. Remember me, the moon whispers to her, I am always here. Just look up when you need me and I’ll send you peace. And that is all she needs.”
Leaving the tags in just for the heck of it: #inktober #inktober2018 #illustration #digitalink #moon #tranquil #procreate #ipadillustration

And, to top it off, TeePublic is having an Inktober challenge so you can find these designs (and all of them to come) on tees and more in my shop, here!

And, I’ll be adding them to my Society 6 shop and all my online print-on-demand shops too, just need a moment to breathe, lol.


The next challenge I’m participating in is with Holly Pixels– who I found when I first got my iPad and needed a crash course in all things lettering and Procreate. Totally recommend checking out her YouTube video tutes, her site, and Instagram (find links to all on her main site), she shares a lot of awesome help, projects, work, and ideas. She hosts a monthly challenge and I’ve participated in some before, and wanted to do another so here goes #hollyween !

Day 1’s theme was “Fall leaves”.

I don’t know about you, but I loooove fall. I am not a summer or warm weather person at all. Give me cool days, crackly leaves, rain, and crisp sunny afternoons any day. And damn I wish I had purple boots.

Day 2’s theme is “Skull”.

Oh my darling, it’s true, Beautiful things have dents and scratches too.
Look for the beauty in every day, it’s there, no matter how dinted, dusty, or beat up it first appears. The most dented and scratched has the most beauty.
#hollyween #skull #rose #illustration #digitalink  #procreate #ipadillustration


And if that wasn’t enough, I’m working on our site for Green Couch- our graphic design/illustration/lettering/web site.

It’s been a loooong time and it has sat empty for far too long. It’s long past time to get it done so I dedicated this week to get that sorted and online.

To start I did an illustration of our Green Couch for our home page.

It has all of our favorite things, and Starr’s favorite ball which ALWAYS ends up under the couch.

I’m really trying to shake things up so will be doing things a bit differently than the usual portfolio site. And, will have a mailing list that you can sign up to get a free printable calendar sent to your inbox each and every month starting in January, plus news about promos, new work, collabs, and much more.


So that’s where I’ve been, I have more fun stuff coming up including a super cool collab I did with Spoonflower, which I will share about next week!
Stay tuned and as always, thank you for your ongoing support of me and my work!