So, I have a few friends who think I am completely off my rocker for making art laden with f-bombs and other colourful phrases. They don’t like it, the language is not their cuppa tea, and they’ve told me so. And that’s ok. They love me anyway. At least I think they do, lol.  I’ve been doing these designs for a few months for my Society 6 shop, and sales have steadily been increasing, even now after the main holiday shopping season, still going strong. I’ve been adding new designs to the collection, including some special Valentine-y delights, haha! (contains swears, just warning ya).

Anyway, I also create loads of non-sweary art, and I’ve been adding some of my lettering challenge art to my shop as I get a chance.

Including this one, which is one of my favorite sayings:

I’ve now got it online on a few different items, like pillows and mugs.

There’s an excellent sale on today til midnight, then there’s one coming up on Wednesday in time for the big V, stay tuned for more deets then!

I know I post a lot about my shop but it’s income for me and every sale helps support me and my work! Now go forth and shop awesome peeps! wink!