What’s your word?

Every year I choose a word or phrase that I aspire to incorporate and live to and with every day.
It usually just comes to me, when it’s ready.

This year I’m going with Fabulous Power Up!

I’ve been on a healing journey the past few years, undoing and relearning, letting go, basically de-toxing, and feeling finally, finally, finally! The fog  is lifting. It’s a really interesting feeling when you realize hey! I can truly see and I’m not dragging all this shitty stuff along behind me anymore.

I’ve heard SO many times lately- You are shining bright! You’re glowing! You’re so happy and sparkly! and my favorite- Are you anti-aging?
And it’s funny that when you stop and think, yes, I actually finally feel that way! This is how life is supposed to be!? It’s fucking amazing. And I won’t let anyone ruin that for me ever again, no matter who they are.

Moving on into 2020, I have some big goals, collabs, and projects I am going to be sharing on Instagram as they happen. I’ve been coasting a bit lately, moreso just trying to figure out a do-able plan to get everything done, and now is the time to Power Up!
Drop any residual fears or feeling small or not as good as, not worthy, or not deserving. I’ve gotten good at recognizing that old feeling and saying nope! That is not you anymore, drop it, let’s kick some ass, girl! You only deserve the best, let’s grab it and run!

Keep on reaching past, and moving forward. Sharing my story, sharing the truth. Right here, right now, as I am.

Time to Power Upppppp!
With love and intention.
Happy holidays to you and yours, wishing you a fantastic 2020, may all your wishes and plans come true.