Happy 2017!

What will you do this year to make YOU happy?

I’ve been making lists of to-do’s and goals for the year, and it all revolves around happiness, gratitude, slowing down, learning, and enjoying.

I realized, uh, duh, that I love painting, yet, haven’t made much time for it over the past few months, so that is high on my priority list. Especially since I have my first solo show coming up late this year!

I found my word of the year and I hand-lettered it in copper paint, with gold glitter, of course:

I’ve been coming in to my own this past year and making huge leaps and big changes. Not accepting poor treatment, and asking questions, researching, examining, and learning about stuff I’d previously put off or not addressed. The more I learn and discover, the more I find pieces falling in to place and making sense, finally. Many lightbulb moments, a-ha’s, and realizing there are actual definitions, descriptions, and words for what I’ve been dealing with and trying to understand and didn’t, til now.
And I’m so glad for my best husband in the world who listens and understands it all and supports me no matter what.

I do have more to say on all of this soon, I’m just collecting my thoughts around it. Interesting times that is for sure.

I chose “Empowered” as my word for 2017 to really boost that direction of strength, growth, healing, exploration, and learning.

I also realized that some things weren’t really working for me, so I let them go. Onwards with love and peace (hopefully) you go! Sometimes you just have to say no thanks, that doesn’t work for me anymore, and just let things go on their own course, for your own good. And it’s all good. Better than, in fact.

Focus is a big one for me too. I tend to want to do everything! All the time! Right now! But I finally learned that I need to narrow that sh*t down. What really is working for me and what is not, and choose accordingly.

It all comes down to happiness doesn’t it? Choosing things that make you happy and leaving the rest. And that’s empowering.

Wishing you only love and light,