A new design in my Society6 and Spoonflower shops (as tea towels and yardage), Eat Your Heart Out.  (& Coming shortly to all of my p-o-d’s!)

I had never seen the entire movie Grease before, whaaat? Only snippets here and there, so recently I watched the entire thing in all it’s 70’s glory. I  <3 Rizzo, that’s all I know.
This design has been brewing in my brain ever since.
Wash away that toxic gunk!
I relate to it from having to let go of toxic friends who treated me like dirt and when I stood up they didn’t like it.
And because I think sometimes people can’t see the forest for the trees, and never will. I know that from my f*mily experience and having to finally walk away when they just would not see reality or facts. Denial and fantasy were chosen over me. They lost me because of it. Did they notice as I walked away into the light? Probably not.
So now, at almost 3 years away from the toxicity and I have to say life is really lovely.
They thought they had squashed me by cutting me out. They thought I’d roll over and take it, saying their confabulations were ok, when actually, it’s all extremely far from normal, and will never be ok.
But the opposite happened, they set me free. Pretty sure they didn’t see that coming.
Eat your heart out (bitches!) ( I usually add that last word in as an extra flavour enhancement, haha!)
Watch me now.
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